Here’s what we talked about

Your taste is why your own work disappoints you.

Hal Galper–minimizing emotion (feeling larger chunks of time)

Hal Galper–the illusion of an instrument

Johnny Vidacovich–Harmonic rhythm, then the Mother Beat

Jerry Bergonzi–embouchure

Jerry Bergonzi–more embouchure “look in the mirror”

Jerry Bergonzi–air through the horn

Jerry Bergonzi–breathing

Jerry Bergonzi analyzes All The Things You Are (starting at 1:57)

10,000 hours of deliberate practice

Johnny Vidacovich on big chunks of time “harmonic rhythm”

Victor Wooten says what I say

Michael Brecker on practicing

Making a living on YouTube

Rachmaninov Had Big Hands

The Universal Mind of Bill Evans

Chris Potter, Giant Steps. He’s closing bell keys for tone on some mid and high notes–see 1:45

Hank Jones–practicing, developing a style, and developing taste.

Mike Clark and Paul Jackson

Brecker clinic 1984

Tuning: “There is no perfection, only varying tastes in corruption.”

Bob Berg on fave recordings

Nancy King. At 2:09 you can see the power under the air.

Benjamin Zander …you understand/perceive more than you think you do. Also, feeling big chunks of time.

Charles Limb: Your Brain on Improv.

More Charles Limb. And, from Johns Hopkins.

The inhibiting self-awareness that upsets our ‘flow.’

Vijay Iyer excellent advice

Mindful Practice

Deliberate Practice

Learning to love practice

Learn these tunes

Charlie Parker and Paul Desmond conversation

David Binney interview

Where saxophones come from, via Sesame Street.

Charlie Hunter

Charlie Hunter in Portland

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