Playing the horn

Lesson One

Fingering charts

Rascher’s Top Tones, viewable on Scribd.

Air via a Yogi in 1903. First 23 pages or so are suspect, but the exercises follow, and are good.

Jerry Bergonzi–embouchure

Jerry Bergonzi–more embouchure “look in the mirror”

Jerry Bergonzi–embouchure diagnostic

Jerry Bergonzi–air through the horn

Jerry Bergonzi–breathing

George Garzone overstates an idea in the interest of not letting articulation disrupt flow.

Don Menza, including Subtone a la Webster and Getz

Brecker clinic 1984

Chris Potter, Giant Steps. He’s closing bell keys for tone on some mid and high notes–see 1:45

Eddie Daniels plays slow to play fast.

Joe Allard clip

Neff on Allard

Pittel on Allard–Series

Michael Brockman and his great teachers.

Tongue position on clarinet


Trumpeter Charlie Porter says a lot of the same stuff I say!

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